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Company Background

Muhibah Palm Products Sdn.Bhd (Muhibah) is a Private Limited Company. It is a Malaysia based company. This company has been incorporated on 22nd September 2004. Our company’s head office is located in Bukit Rimau, Shah Alam and factory located in West Port Klang. Muhibah are eyeing excellent prospects to become an active player in the field of Palm Oil based Industries in domestic market as well as international.

Company’s business merchandising includes processing, packing and trading of edible oil and specialty fats for consumers and palm oil nursery. Muhibah products reach to more than 39 destinations and expanding in new markets throughout the world.

Muhibah main business are production and marketing of edible oils, cooking margarine, and pure vegetables ghee in established brands targeted to various market segments. Market segments are drawn by special consumer preferences and geographical regions. Muhibah already established a well functioning in inclusive distribution and sales network.

Our business strategy for future involves various aspects such as structuring an excellent business model which will take over entire value of agricultural commodity processing business, merchandising, branding, transporting and supply of vast range of agricultural and farm products.
Future Aspects
Muhibah vision/mission is to become an individual brand which will be preferred by customers when it comes to providing palm oil both in local and international market.

Our main objective is to get all things right and to receive a thump on the back with a “Job well done” when we deliver our product successfully.

Muhibah has also started a mission named as “ESPO” which elaborates as under:-


Supply of excellent quality products at affordable rates.


Excellent Customer service and communication at all levels.


Marvellous relationship with our Customers, dealers, business associates and employees.


Assurance of food safety, quality and good environment.